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Naomi + Nicholas’ album by Finao 1 comment

Categories: Wedding Albums

Getting an album back is one of the most exciting things for me. It’s the ultimate fruition of all of our efforts to capture the beauty and essence of a wedding day. It tells the whole story, it’s beautiful, and you can hold it in your hand. I’ve mentioned this before but I’m pretty much in love with Finao, the coolest album company around. When you first delve into the Finao’s options for styles and covers it can be a bit overwhelming but ultimately you can make something different and appropriate for every couple. Naomi and Nicholas’ wedding touched me to the core. They had to take a hug break to ‘cry it out’ during the ceremony and her girlfriends gave her roses to make her bouquet as she walked down the aisle; a couple after my heart with their palpable love and originality. Their wedding was lovely, classic, and cool. Here is the original post of their images.

Finao’s boxes are killer. Throw the right photo on there and it’s the perfect way to store your album.

Finao’s lovely packaging using recycled material.

They have two page styles, thick and thin. I love them both. This is the thick page.

Lauren + Jon’s Album by Finao 6 comments

Categories: Wedding Albums

Did you think there could be a wedding album company that is cool and funky and funny to the point where you want to get to being best friends with everyone that works there? I didn’t either. Oh but there is and I am psyched. They are Finao.

A little over a year ago 3 friends and I participated in a contest that Finao put on at the annual photographers’ conference WPPI. I knew they were crazy then by the nutty clues they gave us and loved their trade show booth that looks like a boudoir with red beaded curtains to get in. First place and $37,000 worth of prizes later, I am now a loyal customer. To see the post about the contest click here.

Here is Lauren and Jon’s album. I can’t get enough of it. Thanks to my mom for convincing us to go with the orange spine and back to bring out the sunset.

I love these boxes that Finao offer. They’re perfect for storing your album. This image we used is of the custom designed papel picado that Lauren found on Etsy. It has their names and wedding date on it.

They wrap the book up with recycled materials so it’s like a gift when you receive it. And they think green too??

For this book we chose a special upgrade cover called Armour. It’s metal with an image over-laid on top. I’m pretty much in love.

Orange leather spine and back mounted to perfection.

We did 48 pages/24 spreads for this book and went with the thinner page option so the book doesn’t end up too thick and heavy.

And a few spreads….