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Sneak Peak – Lorena + Dustyn 2 comments

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There’s lots more to come from this amazing do it yourself wedding but for now I leave you with the lovebirds and a very tired doggie.

Ben + Katharine would you like to comment?

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New York, New York

This is an extra special post for me as these are two of my dearest friends. It’s a magical thing when two good friends get married and I always feel honored and lucky to document their love and this special time in their lives. Ben is an amazing documentary film maker and has always been very supportive of my photography, which made it extra fun to create images for them. Check one of his films out here.

Here are a few of my favorite images from their wedding and the session we did in Coney Island a few days later. Coney Island is one of my favorite places in New York -couple it with my favorite people and I’m a happy girl. I love you Ben and Katharine, wishing you a lifetime of great things together.

This image taken by my awesome associate photographer Kiersten Rowland.

This shot was Ben’s idea. He has two photos that I took in his bathroom of Questlove of The Roots washing his face. He wanted both of us in the picture with my photos on the wall.

I love this image Kiersten took of all of Ben’s guys sending him off.

Another great one by Kiersten of Ben seeing Katharine for the first time.

While I was taking a similar photograph, Kiersten snapped this masterpiece. I love it!

They had their wedding and reception at a photo studio called Sunwest Studios. First dance on the Cyc wall.

Ben + Meghan – Trash the Dress 1 comment

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Puerto Vallarta, Mexico!

The day after Ben and Meghan’s wedding extravaganza we got together again, this time in the romantic zone of Vallarta. They were a little tired from the night before, but they were troopers and got back in their wedding gear. We got some great photographs…. and two large beers for a little hair of the dog/awesome record cover style photo props.

This is one of my favorites, shot through a stained glass window of a church.

I have always loved this little foot bridge that crosses the Rio Cuale.

Yeah, I think they look like rock stars.

I love how quiet this shot is.

You can see why they call it the romantic zone. Isn’t this town cute!?

We had a huge crowd outside of this bus watching. I LOVE this shot.

Fun beach time…

How romantic.

Thank you for a great time Ben and Meghan. I feel lucky to have been here with a camera to mark this special time.

Jessica + Lacey 7 comments

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Las Caletas, Mexico

What an amazing pair!

Lacey’s a fitness guru, now filming a show for MTV and a really fun, sweet girl. Jessica is a stunning model, and a truly lovely person, and together they make a perfect match. They have a tv show which they’ve just filmed the last episode for, called Lesbian Love where the two of them speak together about love and relationships. I’ve included a link to the video and a few of their words at the end of this post.

Their beautiful wedding was at Las Caletas, which is at the southern point of Vallarta’s Bay of Banderas and accessible only by boat! The day was coordinated by the awesome Kelley of Adventure Weddings. Here is a taste of their amazing wedding and the Trash the Dress session that followed.

Here is the last episode of their show, which includes some video of their wedding, and a letter that Lacey wrote to their fans. They are an inspiration.

Felicidades chicas!!

Ben + Meghan Preview would you like to comment?

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Another rock star wedding in Puerto Vallarta. I can’t wait to blog the rest of this wedding coordinated by the Dazzling Details, along with a killer Trash the Dress session. For now here is one of my favorites….

Alex + Matt would you like to comment?

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Punta de Mita, Mexico

Alex and Matt’s wedding featured on With This Ring!!!

Alex and Matt had a gorgeous wedding at the Four Seasons in Punta de Mita, Mexico. The stunning back drop, this lovely couple, and the decorating talents of Alex and her mom made this wedding a dream to photograph. Just when I thought it couldn’t get better, they decided just before I left on their wedding night to do a Trash the Dress session in the awesome bohemian surf town of Sayulita. I’m a junky for local Mexican scenery coupled with a bride and a groom! Congratulations Matt and Alex!

To view the slideshow press play:

Zak + Tricia 7 comments

Categories: slideshow, Trash The Dress, Weddings

Zak + Tricia = Awesomeness

I met these two a few months before their wedding and immediately knew that I was going to love working with them. We realized we had a few mutual friends in the art and music world and a lot in common: Zak’s a DJ and producer and I used to DJ and do music photography. To make things even better, they adored the idea of doing a Day After/Trash the Dress session in the cemetery…I was really looking forward to that! My fabulous second shooter Kiersten Rowland and I had a blast documenting their wedding. Zak and Tricia looked stunning and their day was amazing with a sunset ceremony, mariachis, a cigar roller, fireworks, and breath taking views all coordinated by the lovely Laura Cardenas of I Do Vallarta. And their day-after session…well…you’ll see how awesome it was. There is a full slideshow at the bottom.

A reflection in the pool…

As a nod to Zak’s DJ and producing career I had to start our Day After Session at the Luz y Sonido (Light and Sound) DJ truck. I have a thing for those traveling DJ trucks.

Something about this one reminds me of a film still.

We rolled up to the cemetery just as they were closing and I had to beg the caretaker to let us in for just 5 minutes. We got really caught up in shooting and they locked us in the cemetery!! There we were, Zak with his injured knee and Tricia in her gown, discussing how we could jump over the wall onto my car. Luckily a guy at the corner store saw our little heads peaking over the wall and came over with a key to let us out. Pheeew. They are troopers.

Congratulations Zak and Tricia!

Press play to view the slideshow: