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Jordan and Amanda – A San Francisco Engagement would you like to comment?

Categories: Engagements

There are a slew of reasons that made me really want to work with Amanda and Jordan. Firstly, these two have been together since high school. There is something magical about the fact that they’ve been together since they were kids. They traveled the world together for an entire year which makes them extremely badass in my book. I am so envious and hope to do that myself one day. They went to UC Berkeley and lived in the town where my parents moved just before my senior year in high school. I can’t imagine a place that would give a teenager a better social, worldly education. Berkeley holds a huge part of my heart, plus I just have a soft spot for people that live in the bay. To top it off their wedding was in a fantastic little pocket of Mexico close to my heart. Their amazing wedding was a few weeks ago, those photos are coming up soon! For now, here they are in San Francisco on a beautiful fall day.

Amanda and Jordan just before a high school dance.

James and Alexis’ Canvas Prints! would you like to comment?

Categories: Engagements, Prints and Products

I did an engagement session with James and Alexis in San Francisco this fall (a full blog post to come soon!). They just sent me a photo of their wall with the canvas prints they ordered. I love getting to see the images displayed in clients’ homes. Thanks for sending me the shot James!