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Luke + Michele 5 comments

Categories: Weddings

It’s a beautiful thing when you see one of your best and oldest friends marry their soul mate. It’s a complete honor to be the lucky one to photograph it all. Sweetening the deal even more is the fact that we made a trade; I photograph his wedding and he DJs my wedding. You’re engaged you ask? No, no plans to marry any time soon but I can not wait for Luke to DJ my wedding! Aside from being one of the Bay Area’s top DJs, Luke is a great friend, hilarious, creative, funky, and so much fun to be around. Michele is a bundle of beautiful, sweet, creative, amazingness herself and I am so crazy happy for the two of them. Their wedding was small, intimate, completely DIY, and filled with amazing DJs, so there was no shortage of good music. It took place at Wildwood Acres Resort in the canyons just outside of Oakland, California.

I’ve been the lucky beneficiary of many a DJ Platurn mix and now so are you! Click on the image below for a free download to the stellar mix that each of their guests received at their tables. FYI Luke is Icelandic and his real name is Illugi which is pronounced completely different than it looks. When he moved to California as a kid, he chose Luke (Skywalker, of course) to make things a little easier on himself and everyone else to get his name right.

Yes, Luke is very tall, and Michele’s aunt is very short!

A few shots of Michele’s awesome style and details.

She made these gorgeous bouquets herself.

Here is the slideshow I made for them.

Congratulations my friends!!